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Our Methodology

Social Media Claims

As an authorised third-party factchecker for Facebook, AAP FactCheck retains full editorial independence and control over the content we engage with.

Facebook algorithms identify text, video and images as potentially false, misleading or otherwise suspicious and refers that content to their factchecking partners.

AAP FactCheck checks the veracity of a subset of this flagged content after considering what is most relevant in our market, or likely to have the greatest impact in our market.

AAP FactCheck applies the uncompromised journalistic principles of Australian Associated Press in delivering evidence-based verdicts on Facebook content.

Facebook uses AAP FactCheck articles to inform its efforts to minimise the spread of false news and misinformation.

Just the facts

AAP FactCheck’s commitment to the truth is demonstrated by our evidence-based conclusions, developed after careful consideration of multiple verifiable sources and thorough cross-checking.

This work is subject to a strenuous, multi-layered editing process, where the journalist, and the logic they have applied, are both challenged.

We do not editorialise nor impose value judgments on the subject matter, and we actively avoid undue focus on one issue, one side of an argument, or one source.

AAP FactCheck staff are university-educated journalists with industry experience and specialised training in fact checking.

They work within a framework approved by the AAP Standards committee, that is compliant with AAP’s broader editorial standards and equal to industry best practice.

AAP FactCheck meets the highest international standards of factchecking, and is accredited with the Poynter Institute's prestigious International Fact-Checking Network.