Did a quarter of all voters abandon the major parties at the May 18 election?

By Tiffanie Turnbull and Louise Evans

The Statement

"One in four Australians, I note, didn’t vote for either of the potential governments on Saturday - either the coalition or Labor."

Labor leader Anthony Albanese. May 26, 2019.

The Analysis

In his first media conference as Labor party leader Anthony Albanese vowed to reconnect with 25 per cent of voters who shunned the major parties at the May 18 election. [1]

AAP FactCheck examined Mr Albanese’s claim one in four voters didn’t vote for either Labor or the Coalition.

More than 16.4 million Australians were enrolled to vote in the May 18 election. [2]

With over 86 per cent of the votes counted, over 5.5 million Australians chose the Coalition while over 4.4 million went with Labor.

ABC election analyst Antony Green told AAP FactCheck that in percentage terms “the Coalition is on 41.7, Labor is on 33.5, so that’s 75.2 - that’s only three quarters of the vote that is for the two major sides of politics.”

Based on these figures, Mr Green said Mr Albanese’s claim was correct.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission figures, which are being updated as the count progresses, of the 25 per cent of voters who shunned the major parties, the Greens scored the most with 1.3 million votes or over 10 per cent. [3]

The independents won as many votes as Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party with 3.4 per cent or approximately 455,000 votes. One Nation scored three per cent or just over 410,000 votes. [3]

No other party polled above one per cent.

Based on these figures AAP FactCheck found Mr Albanese’s claim to be true.

The Verdict

  • True - The checkable claim is true.

The References

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  • First published May 28, 2019 17:10 AEST