Restoring confidence in public statements by independently testing and verifying the facts

AAP FactCheck strives to be a champion of the truth, but we acknowledge we are only as good as the sources we rely on.

We draw on a variety of reliable sources to verify the checkable claims and in every case, the chain of evidence supporting AAP FactCheck verdicts will be clearly noted and published within the copy itself, so that any reader may test its validity.

AAP FactCheck welcomes scrutiny of our work. If you would like to provide feedback about our work, please contact us.

Copied below is one AAP policy that guides our choices when it comes to sources. The full AAP Code of Practice can be found here.

1. Accuracy

1.1. AAP has a valued reputation as “the reliable source”. All information, comment and opinion reported on our wires must be authoritatively sourced.

1.2. Sources must be identified by name unless there are compelling reasons for not doing so. Always query a source’s motives when they request anonymity.

1.3. The vague attribution “sources say” is generally not acceptable, unless it is the only way to protect a vital source in a matter of public interest.

1.4. While photographic images can be enhanced to improve resolution, an image must not be altered in such a way that it misrepresents the subject matter.