Neutrality statement

Restoring confidence in public statements by independently testing and verifying the facts

AAP has always been at the forefront of delivering impartial, independent and accurate news to Australia’s leading media outlets and beyond. It is one of only a handful of news agencies worldwide not funded or influenced by its government.

AAP FactCheck was built on this foundation, and the articles we produce are driven only by the available evidence. In following the facts, we adhere to the AAP policies that protect and enhance our neutrality.

AAP FactCheck takes AAP’s Neutrality Policy a step further, requiring that staff never support one political candidate, issue or party over another. AAP FactCheck content must be based on the facts alone. We scrupulously avoid commentary, opinion, and political bias.

The AAP policy on Impartiality and Fairness is copied below, and AAP’s full Code of Practice can be found here.

2. Impartiality and fairness

2.1. AAP does not promote particular views or commercial interests, either through undue emphasis or by suppressing relevant material.

2.2. In reporting views on controversial matters, always seek to include a fair balance of other views. Any comment or conjecture by the journalist writing the story should be identifiable as such.

2.3. AAP journalists have latitude to express their own views more freely only when, in the opinion of the Editor in Chief or Editor, they have special knowledge or expertise or sufficient reputation. Such pieces should be labelled as View, Comment or Analysis.

2.4. Individuals or groups singled out for criticism should be given a right of reply, in the original story whenever possible.

2.5. Emotive or contentious adjectives should be avoided unless they are being quoted.