About AAP

Restoring confidence in public statements by independently testing and verifying the facts

About AAP

Australian Associated Press is a commercially-independent corporate entity founded in 1935 to provide media companies with news and information that could be shared.

Its shareholding structure is News Corp Limited (44.74%), Nine Entertainment Co. Holdings Ltd (44.74%), West Australian Newspapers Limited (8.25%) and Harris Enterprises Pty Limited.

AAP derives income from subscriptions to its news and information services.

AAP is an independent and non-partisan organisation and, as such, funding partners neither seek nor are granted any influence over editorial operations.

AAP FactCheck is funded by a targeted allocation from AAP’s general newsroom budget and income earned through a Third Party Fact Checker partnership agreement with Facebook. Under this partnership agreement, AAP FactCheck maintains full editorial independence in selection of matter for review and in fact checking conclusions. Seed funding for AAP FactCheck was contributed by Google News Initiative.

These funds are used directly to employ a team of four journalists to undertake work on AAP FactCheck. The funds also support management, administrative and IT resources required to publish AAP FactCheck content.

AAP FactCheck is a signatory to the Poynter Institute's International Fact-Checking Network, which promotes best practice through a stringent and transparent Code of Principles.

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